Human Resource Module:

There are 20 sub modules of HR. Few modules are given below:

1.Employee recruitment Job Portal:

  1. Post job position on website
  2. Applicant sign up, create his CV, apply for job and track application.
  3. Auto shortlisting from longlist through manual criteria.
  4. Share auto email with shortlisted candidates.
  5. Interviewers can see the CV and can evaluate the applicant interview
  6. Select the high marks candidates and share the job offer by simple clicks

2.Employee profile management:

  • Add employee job information, personal information, education, experiences, certifications, skills, personal information, bank account details so many other informati

3.Employee contract management:

  • Create contract by simple clicks, add period of contract, salary details, contract type (core staff, project staff) etc. Contract status will automatically change on expiry date.



4.Employee leave management:

Allocated leave to employees

Employees take leaves by simple clicks from remaining leaves

Manager approve or refuse and deduct unpaid leaves from payroll.

5.Employee attendance management:

Register employees with biometric machine

Daily attendance tracking

Show check in, check out time, late arrivals, early departures, absence, eaves overtimes and field visits.


6.Employee appraisal management:

Define evaluation criteria and evaluate employee, check the result in graphs etc.

7.Warning Letter

A manager can create warning letters and forward it to employee through email

Ready-made formats of warning letters

8.Termination letter and exit interview:

A manager can terminate an employee after looking to his warning letters history.

Employee will receive his termination email.

Employee will fill exit interview form.

Manager can also print his termination letter from software.

9.Employee resign and exit interview:

Employee request for resign and fill the exit interview form.

The manager checks the resign and exit checklist and approve/refuse the resign application.

10.Employee Training:

This module can enhance the overall satisfaction of employees and can encourage a positive attitude about the employer. Employees view company that offer meaningful benefits as more caring and engaged with their needs. This may help reduce turnover and increase productivity.

Company can see training history of an employee.

11.Employee expense management:

Employee request for his expenses (traveling, food, accommodation etc.), manager validate it and forward it to finance for reimbursement.

12.Enterprise social network:

Employee live chat, create groups, make posts, share comments and likes.


HR manager dashboard and employee dashboard.

14.Employee reports:

Get employee badge, experience certificate, salary certificate, resume, attendance report etc. through simple clicks.