Organize the pipeline

Get organized by planning activities

Planning activities is the perfect way to keep on track with your work. Get reminded of what needs to be done and schedule the next activities to undertake.

Your activities are available wherever you are in Flectra. It is easy to manage your priorities.

Activities can be planned and managed from the chatters or in the kanban views. Here is an example for opportunities :

Set your activity types

A number of generic activities types are available by default in Flectra (e.g. call, email, meeting, etc.). If you would like to set new ones, go to Settings ? General settings ? Activity types.

Schedule meetings

Activities are planned for specific days. If you need to set hours, go with the Meeting activity type. When scheduling one, the calendar will simply open to let you select a time slot.


If you need to use other activity types with a calendar planning, make sure their Category is set as Meeting.


Manage lost opportunities

While working with your opportunities, you might lose some of them. You will want to keep track of the reasons you lost them and also which ways Flectra can help you recover them in the future.

Mark a lead as lost

While in your pipeline, select any opportunity you want and you will see a Mark Lost button.

You can then select an existing Lost Reason or create a new one right there.

Manage & create lost reasons

You will find your Lost Reasons under Configuration ? Lost Reasons.

You can select & rename any of them as well as create a new one from there.

Retrieve lost opportunities

To retrieve lost opportunities and do actions on them (send an email, make a feedback call, etc.), select the Lost filter in the search bar.

You will then see all your lost opportunities.

If you want to refine them further, you can add a filter on the Lost Reason.

For Example, Too Expensive.

Restore lost opportunities

From the Kanban view with the filter(s) in place, you can select any opportunity you wish and work on it as usual. You can also restore it by clicking on Archived.

You can also restore items in batch from the Kanban view when they belong to the same stage. Select Restore Records in the column options. You can also archive the same way.

To select specific opportunities, you should switch to the list view.

Then you can select as many or all opportunities and select the actions you want to take.

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Manage multiple sales teams

In Flectra, you can manage several sales teams, departments or channels with specific sales processes. To do so, we use the concept of Sales Channel.

Create a new sales channel

To create a new Sales Channel, go to Configuration ? Sales Channels.

There you can set an email alias to it. Every message sent to that email address will create a lead/opportunity.

Add members to your sales channel

You can add members to any channel; that way those members will see the pipeline structure of the sales channel when opening it. Any lead/opportunity assigned to them will link to the sales channel. Therefore, you can only be a member of one channel.

This will ease the process review of the team manager.

If you now filter on this specific channel in your pipeline, you will find all of its opportunities.

Sales channel dashboard

To see the operations and results of any sales channel at a glance, the sales manager also has access to the Sales Channel Dashboard under Reporting.

It is shared with the whole ecosystem so every revenue stream is included in it: Sales, eCommerce, PoS, etc.


Acquire leads

Convert leads into opportunities

The system can generate leads instead of opportunities, in order to add a qualification step before converting a Lead into an Opportunity and assigning to the right sales people. You can activate this mode from the CRM Settings. It applies to all your sales channels by default. But you can make it specific for specific channels from their configuration form.


For this feature to work, go to CRM ? Configuration ? Settings and activate the Leads feature.

You will now have a new submenu Leads under Pipeline where they will aggregate.

Convert a lead into an opportunity

When you click on a Lead you will have the option to convert it to an opportunity and decide if it should still be assigned to the same channel/person and if you need to create a new customer.

If you already have an opportunity with that customer Flectra will automatically offer you to merge with that opportunity. In the same manner, Flectra will automatically offer you to link to an existing customer if that customer already exists.


Generate leads/opportunities from emails

Automating the lead/opportunity generation will considerably improve your efficiency. By default, any email sent to sales@database_domain.ext will create an opportunity in the pipeline of the default sales channel.

Configure email aliases

Each sales channel can have its own email alias, to generate leads/opportunities automatically assigned to it. It is useful if you manage several sales teams with specific business processes. You will find the configuration of sales channels under Configuration ? Sales Channels.


Generate leads/opportunities from your website contact page

Automating the lead/opportunity generation will considerably improve your efficiency. Any visitor using the contact form on your website will create a lead/opportunity in the pipeline.

Use the contact us on your website

You should first go to your website app.


With the CRM app installed, you benefit from ready-to-use contact form on your Flectra website that will generate leads/opportunities automatically.

To change to a specific sales channel, go to Website ? Configuration ? Settings under Communication you will find the Contact Form info and where to change the Sales Channel or Salesperson.

Generate leads instead of opportunities

When using a contact form, it is advised to use a qualification step before assigning to the right sales people. To do so, activate Leads in CRM settings and refer to Convert leads into opportunities.


Send quotations

When you qualified one of your lead into an opportunity you will most likely need to them send a quotation. You can directly do this in the CRM App with Flectra.

Create a new quotation

By clicking on any opportunity or lead, you will see a New Quotation button, it will bring you into a new menu where you can manage your quote.

You will find all your quotes to that specific opportunity under the Quotations menu on that page.

Mark them won/lost

Now you will need to mark your opportunity as won or lost to move the process along.

If you mark them as won, they will move to your Won column in your Kanban view. If you however mark them as Lost they will be archived.